Home Security – Why Choose a DIY Security System?

Home Security System Installers

68Hiring of home security system installers from companies are no longer needed nowadays, as more users prefer the do– it–yourself alarm equipment and systems. DIY Security systems do not require the use of tools and experience. The installation process is very easy and could be completed in less than an hour. A DIY system costs less because there is no need to pay for the activation and installment process, which is usually done by professional installers from security companies.

DIY security systems are wireless and normally requires the use of a web browser on a cellular phone. The best security system features are the system’s mobility feature. Uninstalling this security system is simply unplugging the control panel and shutting down the sensors. The DIY system can allow you to monitor your home personally by using the internet on your cellular phone or computer. While some customers prefer to use wireless sensors attached to doors and windows.

What are the DIY Security System Products available in the Market?

Some of the leading suppliers of security systems and equipment manufactures and sells numerous DIY security system products. Some of their DIY wireless equipment, such as the doorstop alarm which activates when someone forcefully opens a door, only sells at $10. Other DIY security products are the Automatic Security Light Kit which costs $25, and the Window Door Alarm which sells at $12 only.

Cost of a DIY Home Security System

There are some DIY systems that have a higher cost compared to the products mentioned above. These security equipment and systems are used for higher security measures. Though they are considered a do – it – yourself system, their installation process requires a little more effort compared to the simple ones. Some of the products would require the use of a few tools, such as a double – sided tape, or no tools at all. Like the simple DIY systems, these products are wireless, except for the equipment based which requires WI – FI connections. The costs of these products are higher, as these DIY security system products usually contain a number of sensors.

DIY Home Security Starter Kits

Some suppliers offer a security starter kit known as the Instant Security System. This kit usually costs $199. This security kit is ideal to use for homes, condominiums, apartments, and town houses. This DIY kit has the wireless detection unit feature which can protect up to a range of 1200 square feet. Some products are also sold at $700. These kits are a bit pricey as it includes the base station, a number of sensors, motion and smoke detectors, and the controllers.

Other suppliers sell the same package at a lower cost. The cost is a bit lower, which is $300 only. The package kit also includes the base station, several sensors, smoke detector, and the remote controller.

For budget – conscious customers who would like to purchase DIY security system products with higher security measures, some suppliers offer a wireless security system that only costs about $60. The wireless security kit usually contains one motion detector, five sensors, and two remote controls.